Worried about your Facebook Traffic?

Facebook has become a valuable resource for business owners, giving them the information they need to help improve the way they do business, as well as the ability to market their ventures to potential millions.

However, a recent change in the way Facebook’s own business model is changing has many business owners wondering whether they should be expecting a drastic decrease in their Facebook traffic.

Facebook recently announced that videos created specifically for Facebook would now appear in News Feed beside status updates and photos. The company suggested that any videos created by businesses must both fit in with other content that may appear in a News Feed, and be interesting enough for an audience to be compelled to share.

Is Getting Traffic To Your Site Via Facebook A Thing Of The Past?

Until now, users needed only to fill the News Feeds of its customers with interesting links to videos in order for businesses to get scads of traffic. This was because videos located outside of Facebook had to be clicked on and the person taken to that website in order to view the videos.

However, Facebook is now playing these embedded videos automatically when users scroll through their News Feeds. This has many business owners worried that all that traffic they used to get effortlessly may now have to be something they have to fight for.

Why Is Facebook Doing This?

The way Facebook was doing things – helping publishers to spread their products via News Feeds – was certainly profitable. However, by hosting videos on its own site, Facebook can control a larger part of the internet which, in the long run will mean far more profit than the old way of doing things.

The News Isn’t All Bad

Despite the changes in the way Facebook is choosing to display embedded video, it is still the leader in sending traffic, more so than any other social network. Not only that, but the amount of traffic Facebook sends continues to grow while traffic from other networks has slowed or even declined.

Have a Plan

It is too early to tell how this change in video and link displays will really affect businesses. However, experts are suggesting that business owners have a Plan B where it comes to traffic, especially those companies who have gotten the majority of their traffic from Facebook in the past.

There are no signs that Facebook will be reversing their decision, which is another good reason to start formulating an alternate traffic plan. One sign is the company’s purchase of QuickFire Networks, done in order to improve the company’s video infrastructure. Another is the fact that Facebook begun serving a number of its mobile users links from within its own app as early as last summer.

Regardless of the opinions surrounding this new change, one thing is for certain: Facebook doesn’t appear to be leaving any stone unturned in its quest to become the biggest – or the only – provider of content on the internet.