Why You Shouldn’t Give Up on Guest Blogging

Many believe that guest blogging has long since had its day. And that is easy to believe; too many were using guest blogging for unsavoury reasons. Case in point: website hosts will feature a guest blogger on their site for a fee. In return, the guest blogger receives a link on the website on which their content appears.

The problem with this way of doing things is that the content often reads more like an advertisement than a value-added piece. As such, it loses credibility fast and can negatively the reputation of site owner and guest blogger alike. Probably the worst part of this is that there are many legitimate guest bloggers out there whose content may be valuable and informative, yet may also get a bad reputation due to so many guest bloggers harming the system.

Ask Why

If you haven’t yet, ask yourself why you want to get into guest blogging in the first place. Obviously, you’re doing it because you want to get noticed by as many potential customers as possible. But there’s much more to becoming the source or authority on a subject.

Guest blogging takes time; building a relationship with your readers requires providing useful content. Once you’ve done that a handful of times, your will create a solid foundation that causes readers to trust you. The more useful content you provide, the stronger the foundation and the more weight your words will have.

Inspiration and Motivation

When your content inspires your readers to take some sort of action, it become much easier to motivate them to read what you have to say later on, and even to motivate them to visit your site and see what can be found there. Any reader that is inspired and motivated enough to visit your site wants to know more about who you are. Who are these people? They are visitors, and they can bring your site what all bloggers want: lots of traffic.

The Host Relationship

Alongside the readers of your content, relationships must also be built with the website your guest blogs are being hosted on. This kind of relationship can benefit you in many ways. By initiating a rapport, you can find out how the host comes up with their topic ideas and offer suggestions if they are open to them. This can mean various partnerships in addition to other writing opportunities.

Despite the bad rap it may have gotten, guest blogging remains an excellent way to broaden your horizons past regular blogging. The bottom line is that, regardless of how many blog hosts sell their space to bloggers or how many bloggers think guest posts are nothing more than long ads, readers know what quality content is. In a sea of cleverly-disguised fodder, quality content will stand out. Not only that, but in remaining committed to producing quality content that readers can get value and use from, you may even inspire some to take the high ground and keep the guest blogging honest.