Why a Responsive Website is Important

Just a decade ago, there were many businesses that believed having a website was neither here nor there and that it was not really necessary to have an online presence in order to compete effectively. However, within just a few years these businesses realised just how wrong they were and this resulted in an explosion of websites amongst businesses that suddenly realised they had to get with the programme and get themselves online to even stand a chance against those that were enjoying worldwide exposure and success thanks to the worldwide web.

Today, the same thing is happening again but this time it is in relation to responsive websites; or those that are adapted for optimal viewing on mobile devices. As we have seen, the use and popularity of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets has rocketed over the past few years and this means that those failing to make their websites accessible on these devices could really be missing out. Moreover, use of these devices is set to continue rising over the coming years, so the damage to those with non-responsive sites could get even worse over time.

Why you need to make the change

If your business currently does not have a responsive website, you need to strongly consider making the change as soon as possible in order so that your website is adapted for mobile devices. Some of the key reasons why you need to do this include:

  • To increase traffic to your site: With so many people now using their mobile devices to get online, having a responsive website could help to increase traffic to your site significantly. This could equate to a higher conversion rate and could ultimately have a positive effect on your bottom line and your overall success levels.
  • To access a whole new audience: When you adapt your website for mobile devices, you could benefit from capturing a whole new audience. There are some people who now mainly use their mobile devices to get online, and without having a responsive site you could miss out on their custom.
  • To avoid being penalised: Google has recently announced that websites that are non-responsive will be pushed down the search engine rankings while those that are adapted for mobiles will enjoy higher positions in the rankings. Making sure that your website is adapted for mobile use will therefore help you to avoid being penalised by Google and could help to boost your position in the rankings.
  • To impress your customers: Consumers expect to be able to access websites both on their desktops and on their mobile devices, and if they cannot access your site from their mobiles they will be less than impressed. So, another key reason to make your website responsive is to impress your customers and boost your reputation.

You will find a number of experts that will be able to get your website adapted quickly, efficiently and at a reasonable cost, so you can start reaping the rewards of having a high quality responsive website for your business.