What’s New in Web Design October 2014

As quickly as technology improves, advancements in web design move just as fast in order to keep up. While that means that designers have to work hard to stay ahead of the curve, it also provides them with a much-needed boost. New programs and services are always hitting the market, hoping to cash in on the ongoing evolution of web design. Here are highlights of the latest and best of the lot.

Preferred Colour Schemes

This is a change that has been gradually coming for some time. Neutral, softer colours that pop have taken the place of overly splashy colours that detract from the page. To help with your palette selection, there is Please.js, a colour generator that produces combinations, both randomly and based on colours provided by the user. There are even options to manipulate the hue, saturation and value of a given colour, as well as produce colour schemes.

A New, Easy Way to Engage the Customer

One of the best ways for a business owner to understand the needs and wants of his customers is through direct contact. That is why feedback is so important. With Free Survey Creator, you can create and customise customer and site visitor surveys for free. Best of all, the simplicity of the survey’s format ensures that it won’t overwhelm the webpage. It also means the experience will be easy for the consumer, which can lead to a higher level of participation.

Complete Organisation in One App

Scribbleton is a superior personal wiki that allows the creation of notes, checklists, and detailed outlines. It also provides the ability to create, read and share them across multiple platforms. Not only that, but Scribbletron focuses on the organisation, allowing the user to “quickly create clickable links between words, phrases, and pages”. This feature allows you to track down related information with ease.

Lighthearted Visuals

Minimalist colour schemes may be the theme of the day, but consumers don’t want drab either. Subtly liven up a website using the offerings of Objecticons and Devicons. Both offer countless icons that can be used for myriad purposes. These nonintrusive visuals perk up webpages without overwhelming them.


In a shift away from the development itself, Legalsifter is an app created exclusively for web developers or designers to help them get the most out of their contracts. Simply upload a contract and the app does the rest. Using “natural language processing”, and based on “real legal knowledge”, LegalSifter will provide three ways in which your contract could be improved.

The design and layout of a website can quite literally make or break a business’s online presence. A subpar site can also be detrimental to the ongoing success of the designer. Given the breakneck pace at which technology and web design are advancing, designing a top tier, contemporary site for a client can present a bit of a challenge. Fortunately, the flip side of the coin is that, because of the constantly evolving market, new programs are regularly released that can have a significant and positive impact on the site’s design. By utilising such programs, designers can provide their clients with a quality product and stay in the loop on changes in the world of web design and development.