What’s New in the Redesigned Google AdWords?

A recent announcement by Google will see a more than one year roll-out of an improved version of the Google AdWords platform. This change will not affect SEO or search results; rather, it will concentrate on the ability of marketers to adapt to user behaviour across several channels and multiple devices and media, including video.

Google deemed this redesign necessary because of marketers who now need to be able to manage multiple campaign types. The marketing realm has become increasingly complex since AdWords was last overhauled in 2001. These changes are based on the desires and issues communicated by the advertisers themselves, and promises to provide many benefits.

The Ability to Do More In Less Time

The new tools that Google will gradually be rolling out will help maximise what advertisers do in a specific amount of time. These tools will make for easier management of the most important settings such as ad extensions and report building.  Overview screens are a new addition which will also help to save time. Each campaign that an advertiser has running will have its own overview screen, as will each ad group and ad level.

Easier Navigation

Where the current set-up sees Sitelinks, Devices and Locations being located in the Settings area, the redesign will see them being positioned parallel to the primary navigation on the left.  Where keywords are concerned, this section of the navigation will be simplified to include three options for navigation: Negative Keywords, Search Terms and Keywords. Also, this section will not contain any navigation not related to keywords.

Businesses instead of Products

The redesign will place the bulk of the focus on the business rather than the products it is selling. In shifting the focus, there is more help for the management of campaigns and measuring of success. Not only that, but because the focus will shift to the individual objectives of the business, owners will be able to more easily optimise their campaigns.  More help for the structure of ad campaigns will come in the form of better visibility of valuable business insights. In having easy access to insights of value, company owners can more easily understand which aspects of their campaigns need to be modified.

What will stay the Same?

The Google AdWords change will only affect the look and feel of the interface. It will not be necessary to migrate information or upgrade anything to continue using AdWords. Any ad campaigns which are currently running will continue to run throughout the roll-out process, which is said will be complete by 2017’s end.  As well, the change will not affect the structure of existing ad campaigns.

A select group of advertisers will be invited to test and report their findings, with the roll-out of each portion of the new platform to occur once feedback has been incorporated. These selected advertiser companies will be of all types and sizes. Redesigning Google AdWords now will ensure the tool’s continued future relevance.