Does Your Website Need Custom Animation?

Over the years, app and website design have largely been inspired by real-life items. The image of a pen on a website looked just like a pen in real life, and a virtual notebook just like its 3d counterpart. This realism was incredibly popular, as it provided those on computers to enhance their experiences.

Since that time, however, technology has moved away from desktop computers to mobile phones, laptops and tablets, which are now the most common tools used to visit websites and shop online. This migration to mobile devices saw the birth of flat design, a much cleaner and simpler process which placed functionality ahead of aesthetics. No more buttons need to look like real buttons; it was all about clean lines, simplicity and practicality.

The trend of mobile device usage continues its upward trajectory, but new questions are being asked. Has flat design become too consistent and boring? How can today’s business website stand out from the rest on mobile devices? The answer lies in animation.


Take a look at the mobile apps on your device. All of them make use of motion in some form. The incredibly popular motion-driven app has served to redefine the expectations of users, and website designers have taken notice.  Today’s web design is driven by mobile’s world of sound, movement and colour.

The enhancement of website designs can now be accomplished without sacrificing compatibility or speed, or needing to install a plugin. GIF images have undergone a transformation, being easier to make and share than ever before, and are surprisingly effective to boot.

Why Animation?

Animation allows for the direct engagement of customers with a brand as they get to know its personality. It is one of the most useful mediums available to communicate a message while delivering important content to the user.

Even the simple and most basic act of scrolling has been enhanced by animation, which is now being used to deliver content in a creative way. As long as it is executed properly, interactive scrolling aids the usability of a site as it provides a rich user experience.

Animation also saves the user incredible amounts of time. Instead of having to read website text or comb through a static infographic, users can view animations and get the information they need in just a few seconds’ time.

Custom Animation is Everywhere

The flat images of the past are no match for today’s many varieties of animation. Infographics, for example, now have animated touches that both attract the attention of the viewer and guide them to particular information. These have become an incredibly useful promotional tool. They are also powerful, combining animation with responsive design for the kind visual impact that stands out from the rest and inspires people to share.

Custom video is another visually appealing and incredibly shareable option that can help to promote your business with very little effort. These videos help to highlight the creativity of a business while they engage customers and make them remember the company all the way to the purchase of products and services.

Animation is the Future

Although animation is not a new concept by any means, it’s estimated that animation will account for an increasingly large portion of consumer internet traffic as time goes on, thanks to even further integration of social media with the research and shopping that consumers do.

Businesses that find themselves in saturated marketplaces, or that are at a level of complexity they find difficult to explain can all benefit from the clear communication that custom animation brings. Animation allows for better sales conversions, increased attention span of visitors, and significant reduction of bounce rates. Most importantly, animation can drastically increase the visitor’s understanding of your business concept, thereby increasing the chances of purchase.