Ways to Refresh Your Brand for Summer 2017

Spring is in full swing, and now is the time that many businesses consider giving their brands a refresh. The good news is that there is a lot you can do to refresh your brand without incurring a high cost. In fact, you can implement the following changes straight away.

Reaffirm your objectives

If it’s been some time since you last considered refreshing your brand, a goals and objectives meeting may be in order. Taking a look at how your business has changed in terms of things like your target market can alert you to the need for other needed changes that can dramatically impact your brand.

Find out what customers think

You can get an idea of what is and isn’t working from your customers. This is easily done by creating a customer survey. Ask your customers not only what they think about your company in general, but also what they would like to see added to your site in terms of products or other offerings. You might also wish to ask them what products they may think they’ll need in the next few months. The answers to all of these questions will give you much to work with when you’re considering a refresh.

Splurge on new stationery

Have your plans for new business cards and brochures been in the works for what seems like forever? If so, now is the time to do something about it. Professional logo design and branding are worth the positive impact on your business. Not only that, but by getting it done now, you can start handing them out to customers. When thinking about new designs, don’t forget that change can be as simple as choosing a different stock or coating of card or flyer paper.

Review your slogan

Now is also the time to ensure that your company slogan or tag lines match your mission. A company’s core values can change over years of trading. If this is the case with your company, it could be causing confusion amongst customers and investors. Gather a group to assess the effectiveness of this copy and if it’s determined that new copy is needed, start working on text that is more closely aligned not only with your current values, but also with your future goals.

Diversify your marketing

The effectiveness of any brand is directly related to the number of channels and types of platforms it uses for marketing. Think about things like your online presence; are there new social media channels you could be exploring that can benefit your business? Invest time in learning about these new opportunities now so that you can take advantage of them in time for summer.

Invest in results

If your marketing strategy is largely comprised of guessing at how well it’s working, a refresh might be just what is needed. In order to make the wisest use of your time, it’s important to make use of marketing tools that can provide you with measurable data. Switching to these tools will allow you to save money, revealing where your pounds are best spent. Not only that, but the data you obtain from these tools will form an important record of your marketing that can become a useful reference when it’s time to change things up again.

Looking back

Looking into the past can also give you valuable insight. Over the last six months, for example, did your ads perform as you expected them to, converting visitors into customers? If you found that your past marketing didn’t give you measurable ROI, for example, you can take this data and use it to help you figure out your next steps.

Assessing your existing brand and its elements now will put you in the perfect position for attracting new customers this summer.

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