Three Reasons Why You Should Keep WordPress Up to date

The WordPress engine is used by over 60 million websites across the world. Many of these are simple blogs, but others include ecommerce websites, complex membership organisations and business websites for both large and small companies. The great success of WordPress is its dynamic flexibility: It allows webmasters to build and maintain complex websites with very little direct coding knowledge, and the many available plugins – think added extras – mean that a WordPress website can be adapted to almost any purpose.

Another great feature is that the WordPress team, to their credit, are always updating their platform to improve the way it works, its core functionality and its security. There improvements are compiled into WordPress updates that are released every few months, the latest version being WordPress v3.9.1, released on 16th April 2014. A preview of WordPress 4.0 has already been released and the full version is in the development stage. Exciting times.

Why WordPress Updates are important

Despite this, many website owners with WordPress sites show a marked reluctance to update their WordPress to the latest version. There are a number of reasons for this, ranging from being intimidated by the process, to not having the time, to not seeing the point.

I will devote the rest of the space available in this blog to outlining three good reasons why you should be keeping your WordPress version up to date.

1) The First reason is to allow you to keep up to date with all the latest core features offered by WordPress. These include an impressive range of internet security features designed to keep you and your site visitors safe online. More on this soon.

2) As mentioned briefly before, the magic of WordPress lies in its ‘plugins’, apps and enhancements that really allow the platform to shine. Many of these plugins are developed by WordPress themselves, but there are many more available from private developers. With every WordPress update, the plugins are also updated to take into account the revised features and functionality. The danger is that if you have plugins installed on your website but do not keep the core WordPress version up to date, then sooner or later they will no longer be compatible with the platform and will cease to work.

3) The third and arguably the most important reason to keep WordPress updated is web security. All CMS platforms are vulnerable to being hacked by any number of unscrupulous web pirates out there – and blogs are especially at risk. WordPress’ active development community are often quick to spot emerging security threats and to react accordingly in the next update, making it one of the most secure platforms in the world. However, this only applies if you keep up to date with the latest versions. If you don’t, there is a danger of falling prey to internet hackers due to not having the required level of security to repel an attack.

Keeping on top of WordPress updates doesn’t have to cause a headache, but it pays to keep on top of the current developments if you want to stay safe and enjoy all the latest features. Regular WordPress updates are an integral part of our monthly website maintenance packages. For more details, please get in touch for more information.