Ten Maverick Email Marketing Tips

It seems like every business owner and blog writer has an email subscription list, but not many of them are successful in the long term at generating quality leads and increasing conversions. Those who do find success got there by developing tactics through trial and error that have helped them stay ahead of their competition. However, they’ve also discovered ways to improve the quality of their subscription lists, which means a bigger ROI. Here are ten of those successful email marketing tactics, most of which are surprisingly easy to use.

1) Start with the Homepage

Adding an email opt-in to your website doesn’t have to come across as an invasive or forceful tactic. For example, when visitors enter your blog page, immediately hit them with a call-to-action that effectively explains the benefits of subscribing to your email list. However, don’t set it up as a wall where the visitor is required to sign up in order to access your blog. Include a link to the blog below the CTA so the visitor has an option.

2) Use Twitter

Social media giant, Twitter, offers Lead Generation Cards to its advertisers, regardless of business size. It’s a feature that allows users to embed a link within a tweet that, when clicked, takes the reader to a subscription page. The reader can then subscribe to the businesses email list.

In addition to embedding the Lead Generation Card into standard tweets, it can also be used to promote B2B relationships. When you discover others who are sharing your blog posts, thank them, and include the Lead Generation Card link. That way, you’ve made a business contact who has already shared your blogs, and you have not only thanked him for it, but you have also extended an invitation to join your email list. Eventually, he may share more of your blog posts, and that spells invaluable exposure.

3) Always Provide Value

Email subscribers don’t want garbage polluting their inboxes. If you’re going to email them, make sure each email contains something of value. What that value is can vary. It could include discounts or promotions, but information is valuable, too. If you need to make an announcement that may not be as meaty or useful as it could be, include references to related research studies or a link to a relevant blog post.

4) Bring Inactive Subscribers Back

Even blogs that consistently provide valuable content will experience subscriber fatigue. When that happens, your subscribers may not unsubscribe, but they will begin to tune you out. Win back inactive subscribers with a re-engagement email, explaining and highlighting what it is you do. The goal is to remind your inactive subscribers why they signed up in the first place, with the goal of reengaging them in the process.

5) Author’s Byline

Here’s an ingenious tip that many business owners don’t consider – add a sign up prompt to your byline. Not everyone is going to find your blogs on your website. They may stumble across a single blog, in which case they wouldn’t have any way to contact you or sign up for your email list. However, if you include a link in your byline, the information is readily available to the reader.

6) Extend an Invitation During the Purchase

Another nonintrusive, but effective way to promote your email list is to include the offer at checkout. If a customer is already buying your product or service, then he is showing interest in your business. It is a prime time to promote your email list. Make it actionable, though. Instead of “sign up for our newsletter”, try “keep me updated on exclusive money saving tips and offers”.

7) Make It Easier for Your Subscribers to Share

Adding quality leads to your email list is a key focus, so have your current email subscribers help you. Instead of just asking them to forward your email to their friends, though, tell them why they should do it. For instance, if you’re offering a discount to your subscribers, ask them to share it with their friends by forwarding the email to them. Go one step further though and create a template email. Once the reader clicks on the link you’ve included, the template email will pop up. The only thing your subscriber has to do is add the recipient’s email address and click ‘send’.

8) Remind Subscribers Who You Are

Sometimes people will follow a blog, sign up for an email list, or subscribe to a free service simply out of curiosity. When that happens, over time they will forget who you are and what it is you do. To circumvent that, include a short snippet about your business (who you are, what you do/sell) with every all user email. Another option would be to include it in only the emails of the users who have been inactive for 60 days or more.

9) Your Reply Email Address Matters

If you want your subscribers to stay with you and take you seriously, you must have a reply address that sounds personal and engaging. Possible ideas could include using the email address of an employee, or something friendly, like “customers-first@yourcompany.com” .

10) Encourage People to Unsubscribe

When all else fails, send an email asking your inactive subscribers to unsubscribe. It sounds like a counterproductive tip, but it can actually benefit your business. How? The fewer inactive subscribers you have, the more your important metrics, such as open rates and conversion rates will increase.

An email requesting people to unsubscribe can serve a dual purpose, too. Instead of unsubscribing, some people may develop a renewed interest in your business. If you remind them of what you do and include a nonmonetary offer, such as a link to a blog that offers marketing strategy tips, your unsubscribe rate may not go up as much as you’d imagined. However, your open and click rates may increase as a result of your efforts.

Voices of dissent will say that email marketing is dead, but that comes from naysayers who simply don’t employ the right methods, so they end up failing. The ten tips listed here can help you avoid not only failure, but also increase your exposure and email subscription list. The tips will also contribute to improving the quality of your list, and that will lead to more conversions that really is the ultimate goal.