Is Social Media Marketing Worth The Effort?

Even if you have been using social media to market your business for a long time, you may have wondered whether or not social media is having the same positive impact on your business as it used to. In fact, you may be wondering if you should give up on social media altogether. But before you do, there are some essential tools you need to know about which will help you make an informed decision about the value of your social media presence.

Are You Misinterpreting These Deceiving Symptoms?

There may be several reasons why you think your marketing efforts via social media are not working as well as they used to.

If You Feel Like You Can’t Compete

Sometimes, it can seem like everyone is creating amazing and shareable content except for you. In fact, it may be so intense that you just want to throw up your hands in defeat. However, what’s important here is to focus on how your audience – and not how your competitors’ audience – is responding. Posts that seem popular don’t necessarily translate into new or continued business for a company.

If Your Audience Seems Indifferent

It may indeed look as though your social media marketing efforts are worthless when your audience seems less-than-enthusiastic about the majority of your shares, tweets or posts. However, that doesn’t mean that they’ve gone away. The truth is that even though they may not be responding to your attempts to reach out to them, they are most certainly watching what you post. Sometimes, your audience just feels like lurking. Keep this in mind before you abandon your social media strategy forever.

If The Thought of Creating another Post Is Making You Cringe

If other business tasks are looking more exciting to you than posting status updates on social media, this could indicate burnout. Let’s face it; marketing on social media comes with its own set of techniques, strategies and challenges. So why not outsource this task to an expert? Just because you own your own business, doesn’t mean you have to wear all of the hats.

Another thing to remember about social media is that even if your most excited followers have lost their enthusiasm, your business is still being advertised to their contact lists. Moreover, this exposure means greater reach for you.

Facebook is not poised to go anywhere but up, and so it will be around for awhile. That being said, continued use of this social giant, as well as integration of other social networks like Instagram can be one way to optimise your social marketing strategy.

Finally, social media marketing is all about relationship-building. And on this platform, the regular posting of content is how to build and nurture those relationships. If you find you have nothing to say one day, you can always share the content that others have posted. Doing this will make you the valuable resource that would-be customers look to and will eventually buy from.