Six Tools for Creating Great Visual Content

When you think of content, you may think of the quality of the words on a website or blog. But a site’s visual content is just as important. As a matter of fact, visual content may very well become the primary method for marketers to communicate and engage with their customers.

The world of visual content has expanded. Today, it’s possible to share ideas visually using items like infographics. Unfortunately, not all of us have the skills or budget to make this a reality. Thankfully, there are several tools available that can assist content creators with breathing life into their ideas.

1) Pixlr

This tool combines three tools in one. There is an editor, o-matic and Express feature, each with its own benefits. The editor allows for the manipulation of online images for the purpose of creating new graphics, or improving an existing image. The o-matic feature allows you to add creative touches to your images, and Express enables the addition of text and stickers to images before posting to social media platforms.

2) Venngage

This is the tool most content creators use when they want to create infographics. It is also a hidden social analytics tool. Any image created using Venngage can also be tracked to see who has viewed it. Not only that, but this tool’s user-friendly interface makes image creation very simple.

3) Canva

Online image creation became incredibly simple but very powerful with the advent of Canva. Easy to use, this tool offers several image options for the creation of everything from Facebook cover images to Twitter headers, quotes and images to share on social media. This tool is free and offers several upgrades.


Those wishing to create graphics that are both informative and engaging can do a lot with This tool’s interface is simple to use, and it offers a slew of professional-looking and well-designed visual themes to choose from


Just as its name suggests,’s purpose is to help you create infographics. Once you have the data you need, you simply input it and your comments into this tool, and then pick a template. The result is a professional-looking infographic that can be used immediately.

6) Piktochart

Customisable graphics, colour schemes, pre-set themes and icons are available in Piktochart for those wanting to create simple presentations, infographics and reports. There are two options for membership; the free account offers a lot of choice for templates, fonts, colours and icons, and the Pro account, which offers even more variety so your infographics never get repetitive.8

Every one of these online tools can help you to generate visual content that both attracts the initial attention of a reader and invites them to explore what you have to offer further.