How to Set the Right Tone of Voice for Your Brand

If you’ve looked at your marketing material lately, you may have noticed a disconnect in the tone of voice being used. If you are using a team of writers to create your marketing material, it’s little surprise that your pieces may sound different from one another.

If you want to engage your customers’ emotions in an incredibly useful way and set the right tone of voice for your brand, one terrific way to accomplish this is by using video. But it’s important to remember that this will, like other marketing methods, require you to set the right voice. So how do you find it?

Watch Videos Online

If you can, sit down a make a list of ads that you remember seeing and liking. Then, look them up online. As you watch each video, ask yourself whether or not it is the type of video that you would make for your own brand.  If so, place a star beside it. For those videos that you don’t feel represent your brand well, mark an ‘x’.

Those videos beside which you’ve put a star are those which are in the scope of your business. Those with an ‘x’ are outside of your business’s scope. Now, for each video, list the reasons why you did or didn’t like it. Was it fun, informative or sincere? Did you find parts of it to be offensive or boring?

The reasons you liked each video will be in the scope of your business, and the reasons you didn’t like each one will be out of your business’s scope. Even if all elements of the videos you watched end up outside your business’s scope, writing down their opposite will work. So for example, if you found a video to be too insincere, ‘sincere’ would be its opposite, and, for this reason, would be in scope.

Once you have identified the elements that are in scope for your business, it’s time to create your video. However, one video will likely not be enough to communicate your brand’s tone effectively.

Creating a Series of Videos

A video series has many benefits to you and your customers. Not only does it provide your site, blog or another platform with a steady stream of regular content, but it also gives your audience a reason to revisit. The more they visit, the more familiar they will become with your site and its products, giving you the beginnings of a relationship, which is necessary for a successful sale.

To create a video series, you will have to know why you a creating it, who it is for, and what benefit your audience will realise as a result of watching it. But once you start, you have to finish the video. That way, your audience won’t have to wait long for the next video to be published.

When you realise how easy it is to find your brand’s voice and communicate it, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.