How To Supercharge Your Product Launch On Social Media

Social media is a great way to reach thousands of potential customers. However, it can be tricky. Thankfully, there are several tactics you can use to give your social media product launch a real boost.

Value, Value, Value

The key to a successful social media product launch is value. How do you provide it? You give your audience a tantalising sample of what you’re offering without revealing everything, or worse still, giving it away for free. The way to do this is to raise awareness about the problem your product solves while positioning yourself as a knowledgeable authority on that topic. Illustrate the problem and then tell them how wonderfully your product can solve it, giving only a few clues as to how.

Product Updates using Video

Social media is a versatile platform; you can use all manner of content to reach your audience. One way to do this is through video. You can increase urgency slowly with a vague video about your upcoming launch, increasing the detail and urgency as the videos progress. This will allow your audience to accompany you on your journey from product concept to launch.

Indirect Promotion

One effective way to supercharge your product launch on social media is to provide your audience with information about it that they can use. The 90/10 rule applies here; your social media content should provide audiences with 90% information and only 10% advertising. One way to do this is to give your audience one or more tutorials to completing a task that features your product. This kind of indirect promotion can go a long way to getting sales.

Exclusive Access

Another great way to generate urgency about your new product is to offer your social media followers exclusive access to new products For example, you can offer discount codes to the first 50 people who share your product post with their contact lists. Those to get this access will feel as though they are getting more and better information than others, which may inspire them to post or tweet about this fact to their friends.

Negatives into Positives

The comments you receive on your social media page are unlikely to always be glowing reviews and testimonials full of praise. In fact, you may be tempted to delete every negative comment you receive. Doing so could actually hurt you more than help you, however. Leaving any negative comments can be a very good thing when your loyal customers post their own comments in defence of your product.

Honesty is the best Policy

Any time you post on social media about your product, it should be as honest as possible. This is especially true when launching a new product. The goal is to be as transparent as possible, as this will result in your audience giving you a lot of respect and trust, which is absolutely crucial to making the sale.

Once you’ve launched your product, encourage your followers to share; after you’ve implemented the tips above, they should be very eager to do so.