Sound Crew Hero

Sound Crew is an intuitive, web based, crewing company for freelance Sound Engineers to be paired with Broadcast / Production companies that are looking for their skills.

Logo Design, App Icon

Sound Crew Logo

The final ‘S’ brandmark is a direct influence from the visual representation of audio/sound waves.

Sound Crew Logo

Forged from geometric and technical styles, the typeface ‘Industry’ was a perfect choice to give off that industrial futuristic vibe we were looking for.

Sound Crew Logo

One of the chosen lock-ups between the brandmark and logotype.

Custom T-Shirt Glasgow

An example of the logo identity applied to merchandise.

Sound Crew Logo

One of the key deliverables was to have the brandmark work as an App icon for mobile devices.

Sound Crew Mobile

A loading screen concept for the mobile app which is under development.

Business Card Design Glasgow

Duplexed letterpressed business cards printed on to GF Smith Colorplan Smoke and Ice White.