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Branding for Savela who specialise in video production, editing and instant replays for live events.

Logo Design, Branding

Savela Visual Cues

Visual cues for the logo concept.

Savela Logo Idendity Glasgow

The final logo brandmark working to a document grid.

Savela Brand Colours

We decided to limit the colour pallette to just 2 colours.

Savela Brand Abstract

Abstract brandmark working in the 2 colours.

Savela Logotype Glasgow

We decided to use Helvetica as the primary typeface which is sympathetic to the detailed brandmark.

Savela Typography Glasgow

Subtle type treatments to further simplify the logotype.

Savela Logotype Glasgow

The final logotype.

Savela Logotype

A brandmark and logotype lockup.

Savela Logotype

Brandmark abstraction with the logotype.