Clyde Broadcast Branding

We were approached by Clyde Broadcast, which started as an offshoot of Radio Clyde, to develop a logo identity for their range of radio hardware equipment.

Clyde Broadcast Branding

The final identity demonstrating a 4 teir heirachy for the sub brands.

Clyde Broadcast Brandmark Glasgow

Brandmark symbolising an ‘S’ for Synergy. Shape constructed with five lines, each line representing a strand of the Synergy umbrella of products.

Clyde Broadcast Colourways

Each sub-brand was given its own colour so it was easily identifiable even without the logotype.

Clyde Broadcast Typography Glasgow

Due to the laser cutting involved in Synergy’s hardware, we decided to go with a stencil typeface for the display type and a sans-serif typeface for any body copy.

Clyde Broadcast Strapline

The Synergy strapline working in the Foundry Fabriek typeface.