New Ways to Welcome Visitors to Your Website

Every shopping season in the retail landscape provides business owners with another opportunity to engage with consumers. One of the ways to do this is via a company website. A lot of the time, those who visit a site to get more information about the gift they received, spend a gift card or wanting to exchange an item will visit that site for the first time.

This first-time visit holds virtually limitless potential for a company to get the attention of a new customer as well as encourage that new customer to visit again. Moreover, the key to this is to turn every visitor’s first-time visit to a website into a personal experience. Unfortunately, too many business owners are unsure how to make this happen. The following tips can provide some starting points.

Brand Introduction

Just as you might shake hands with a customer in real life, you can do so virtually by introducing them to your brand. This means helping your visitor to understand what your brand stands for as well as why they should purchase your brand over another. A customer who understands your brand will be far more likely to shop with you again. This is doubly true if you can offer some sort of guarantee, return policy or free services that has many benefits to the customer.

Welcome Customers to Your Virtual Home

Your company’s website is, essentially, your business’s online home. As such, consider that you need to welcome them to your online store as you would offline. After your initial greeting, give them information about where they need to go to get to the areas of the site they are looking for. A convenient shopping experience can go a long way to getting repeat business.

Along with welcoming your visitor, you can attempt to get them to engage with your brand. Make sure that instructions for creating an account are clearly visible on your site along with how to get to your blog and sign up for your newsletter.


It may be worth it to take a second look at your website to ensure that the navigation is as clear as possible. Muddy navigation often causes visitors to abandon their shopping carts. But when navigation is clear, visitors can get farther down the path to purchasing your products or services. New customers may appreciate knowing where your highest-selling products or categories are, and having an option to filter product types.

Tell Them Where and How To Stay in Touch with You

Ensuring that your email sign up link or form is visible on every page will help customers who are in a hurry to subscribe and keep in touch. While you may suspect that email has had its marketing day, this couldn’t be further from the truth. You can use email to market to your customer, regardless of the device or medium they may be using to visit your site.