New Twitter App Makes Sending Bulk Tweets Simple

Using social media platforms such as Twitter has made a significant difference to businesses over recent years, enabling them to not only engage with their audiences with greater ease but also to keep in touch with business contacts. Businesses, in particular, tend to use social networking sites quite regularly these days in order to inform audiences about products, services and updates.

While some business users may not use social networking all that much, there are many others that go on these sites on a regular basis. Of course, using social networking platforms such as Twitter for business can be hugely beneficial for any business that wants to keep customers, audiences and fellow business users informed but it can also be quite a time-consuming process if you have to send out multiple tweets or direct messages on a regular basis.

There are some individuals and businesses that use Twitter on a frequent basis in order to contact others, whether it is via standard tweets or DM (Direct Message). However, one thing that could prove frustrating for regular Twitter users is having to type out individual tweets or messages for multiple people about the same subject.

Fortunately, you can save yourself a lot of time and inconvenience thanks to the launch of a new Twitter app called Twitter Merge. The aim of the app is to make it fast, simple and convenient to Tweet or Direct Message multiple users at the same time via a simple template. This saves you much time along with the frustration that can come with having to keep typing out your tweet or message over and over again for different users.

The app uses a Google spreadsheet to operate in a similar way to Gmail Mail Merge. However, while the latter enables you to send out emails, this app allows you to send custom tweets and messages to multiple users.

Making multiple tweeting easier

The aim of this app is to make multiple tweeting easier for Twitter users, and depending on the number of tweets or DMs you tend to send to different people the app could prove to be very convenient. For example, you may want to arrange to meet a number of different people in different locations and on different dates for business.

With this app, rather than having to contact each person individually via tweet or DM you can simply use a template and just amend the locations and dates. The messages will then be sent to all of the Twitter users you have typed into the Google spreadsheet.

This app is one that is very simple to use, which means that you can benefit from simplicity as well as an effective way to bulk tweet or DM multiple contacts. Business users that tend to use Twitter as one of their main forms of communication will find this app especially useful because of the ease and simplicity that it offers coupled with time-saving benefits.