How Marketers Can Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories allow for the telling of chronological stories over the course of 24 hours using a series of photos and videos. The increasing popularity of the ‘stories’ option has now reached businesses, which are using it to generate interest about the products and services they sell. Not only is the app free to download, but it allows businesses to reach customers on an entirely new level.

Exclusive Access

One of the most effective marketing moves you can make is to give your customers some sort of exclusive access. Instagram stories allow you to do just that. You can showcase not only your products and services, but provide snippets about how they are produced. This allows your customers to see ‘behind the curtain’ of your business. In offering this kind of transparency and authenticity, customers can feel closer to you.

Timely and Personal Communication

Earlier incarnations of social media garnered lots of attention because they allowed customers to engage one-on-one with their favourite brands. With Instagram Stories, a business can create a series of small videos that answers customer questions, or send a series of personal messages to their followers.  Businesses can also take advantage of Instagram Stories to post bits of trending content, the rest of which can be viewed on their web site.

Cross-Brand Collaboration

Small businesses can take inspiration from other social media tools and apply these methods to Instagram Stories. For example, Snapchat’s “Takeovers” tool is a fun feature that allows one brand to ‘hijack’ another’s Snapchat account for a limited time. During that time, they can share all manner of content from the hijacked account.

Instagram Stories can be used in much the same way. Although one business cannot hijack another, they can feature the content of other brands on a story.

Easy to Learn for Testing

There’s no doubt that Instagram Stories is incredibly popular with younger audiences, but what if you’re a member of the mature crowd? The great news is that Stories don’t require you learn a new platform, nor is it complicated to learn the app. If you’re already an Instagram whiz, even better.

The fact that this platform is so easy to learn also makes it an ideal solution for businesses who wish to test their content. As well, the fleeting nature of Stories can mean that you get an almost-instant reaction to everything you post. This ability to know your audience’s opinion right away means that you can try multiple campaigns and choose the most effective in a very short period of time.

Get them to take Action

Nothing engages an audience more than a contest or giveaway. And if you wish to create urgency fast, Instagram Stories is a great option. The same is true when you’re offering a discount on your products or want to gain subscribers to your newsletter.  This is also a terrific way to test your writing skills and write something that grabs the audience’s attention as quickly as possible.

Regardless of what you may be selling, there’s no doubt that Instagram Stories can help you get the word out quickly and easily.