How to Keep Your Blogging Consistent

There is a direct correlation between the amount of traffic you receive and how often you are blogging. That being said, consistency is key. But many bloggers struggle with staying consistent, the most common lament being not having enough ideas to warrant a consistent blogging schedule. The next most common issue surrounding consistency with blogging is time; many bloggers simply don’t feel they have the time to blog on a consistent basis.

Sources of Inspiration

Where it comes to finding ideas for your blog, you can find them literally anywhere. Social media can be a terrific source of inspiration for your next post. Asking your followers questions will not only help you to get to know them, but will also assist you with coming up with topics that address their issues or concerns.

One thing’s for sure: every industry has news. There is no reason you can’t update your readers about what’s happening in your industry regarding news and changes. You can even look at these new developments and create blog posts around them.

Have you looked at the comments section of your blog lately? It can contain a wealth of inspiration in the form of questions, challenges, and thoughts. Plus, regular participation in the form of answering reader questions will put you in the position of expert.

Are you receiving the same kind of inquiries via email, phone or your blog from interested parties? If so, this pattern could indicate the need for a blog post that addresses this inquiry once and for all.

Finding the Time

Making writing a habit is one of the most effective ways to ensure consistency. But where do you find the time? Perhaps one of the reasons that consistent blogging is such a challenge for so many is because time is short. But the reality is that it’s regular writing and not regular publishing which is the key to success. Writing all of the time, regardless of mood, amount of time or level of inspiration is the key to consistency with blogging.

Making a plan is the first step to finding the time to write. This is a one-off task; once you’ve finished your plan, all you’ll need to do is execute that plan on a daily basis. To create an effective plan, you will first need to commit to it. Doing this publicly via a goals web site or some other means can help you stick to it.

Next is to create a list of tasks that are necessary for a blog post to be created. These are the repetitive and small tasks that you will need to accomplish every day. It may be coming up with an outline for your post, writing a few effective headlines or composing a summary. List as many items as you can, and then choose one to accomplish every day.

Although these only represent a fraction of the many ways to achieve consistency with your blogging, they can bring you many benefits.