How Infographics are good for SEO

You may think that because an infographic is an image, it has no SEO value. In fact, an infographic has a lot of versatility and holds an unbelievable amount of SEO value. It is true that a search engine cannot read an infographic. However, your audience can definitely understand them. And if they like your infographic, they will share it.

Short and Sweet

Unlike a web page, an infographic requires no waiting to load, nor does it require the viewer to do a lot of reading. Rather, the infographic gets right to the point, something your busy readers will definitely appreciate. Infographics also contain many attractive visual elements that make them far more interesting to read than plain old text.

Generates Interest Fast

The visually-engaging aspects of infographics attract attention and hold the interest of readers far more effectively than web page text. Not only that, but if one group of readers considers your infographic to be interesting, it’s highly likely that those they share it through their social networks as well.

Link Bait

If you want to attract attention, link bait is the way to go. Infographics definitely qualify as link bait. In terms of SEO, the goal is to get as many inbound links to your website or a particular page as possible. The way information is presented in an infographic allows the reader to absorb it easily and grasp concepts quickly. Theoretically, a host of inbound links will be the result. In reality, there is work to be done in order to ensure that readers share it with their own lists, not the least of which is extensive research.

Better Branding

Innovative infographics help an audience to understand a brand in a different way. This presents a golden opportunity to communicate what’s so unique about you. As well, your infographic can contain your business’s logo and colours, further cementing your brand in the minds of readers. Once your audience knows your brand, they will be more inclined to search for it, and that’s where the magic can happen.

Audience Builder

If you’re looking for a loyal audience, infographics can pave the way. The way in which they’re presented allows for better retention of information, as it presents it in small, easily-digestible chunks. Once that information has been absorbed, your readers will want more, and will make a note to check their email or your site for the latest releases.

Time Matters

The longer a visitor stays at your site, the better it is for your SEO. Infographics are designed to do just that. The longer a visitor stays, the less of a bounce rate you will experience, and the more engaged with your brand the reader will be.

A Degree of Convenience

How do you add even more convenience to your infographic? Make it as easy as possible for readers to share it. Simply by including a piece of ‘embed code’ underneath your infographic, you are communicating many things to readers, including the fact that you respect their time. An embed code saves your readers several steps, as well as allowing them to share your creation with others when the inspiration strikes them.

Not only do infographics dramatically improve your SEO, but they also position you as an expert in your industry, paving the way for even more business success.