How Using Video Can Boost Your Blog’s Desirability

If you have a blog, you may have been trying to think of a way to make it more interesting to your readers. You may have even considered using video in the past. What stopped you? The truth is that many webmasters are aware of the many benefits of adding video to their blogs. Not only can it help you to form trust with your visitors, but it will help your blog to stand above millions of other blogs. Adding video to your blog can even result in more traffic.

Place the Blame on other Bloggers

If you’ve attempted to add video before, only to become overwhelmed by the many options for adding video and giving up, it isn’t your fault; it’s your fellow bloggers who are to blame. Not only are they crazy about video, they seem to eat, sleep and drink it. Indeed, they seem to have it all in hand.

But despite the apparent expertise of other bloggers, keeping it simple when adding video to your blog is really where it’s at. The fact of the matter is that you don’t need several types of video on your blog; you really only need three types: the types that attract visitor attention, the types that convert, and the types that will result in visitor retention.

Attention Attractors

Instead of working so hard to bring visitors to your blog, why not use video to promote it? Filming a video to introduce a blog to the masses has worked for many blog owners, and so there’s no reason why it cannot work for you.

A video also gives visitors another option to learn about your blog. Instead of having to read your blog to get the information they need, they can receive a much shorter version. This adds convenience, one of many elements that entice visitors to stay.

Of course, any video blog intro has to be not only informative but entertaining as well. Many bloggers opt for comical video. Of course, if you don’t consider yourself to be much of a comedian, you may want to reconsider adding comedy.

Once your blog is established, you may wish to use video to get attention for certain posts, or even to highlight the contributions of guest bloggers.

Video that Converts

Although you may see much value in using copy to attract signups or purchases, it’s a proven fact that text is not as good as video at converting visitors into customers. In fact, just by adding video, you can increase your conversion rate by almost 90%.

But do videos that convert have any special ingredients? Of course they do; after all, they must build trust, keep visitors engaged for long enough to explore the rest of your site, and build you up as an expert in your field.

Elements of Successful Video

Every great video begins with a great script. But it has to be tightly edited so that your message is delivered clearly without any time-consuming ‘fluff’. Basically, your video script should first identify and then agitate the ‘pain points’ of the reader. Then, it should present your product or service as the remedy for the problem, explaining to the reader why it’s the solution they need. Finally, the video should contain some kind of call to action.

The video should also be short, about 90 seconds or less. Some companies recommend editing video down to below 30 seconds. However, it has been proven that even longer videos of up to 20 seconds can still convert better than text alone.

There should also be no guesswork on the part of the viewer as to what they should do next. Your call to action should be crystal clear. That might mean pointing, in your video, to where your sign up or purchase form is located. Or, you can use an arrow image in your video.

Cultivate a Fan Base

If your video did its job, your visitors were not only attracted to your blog or your site, but were converted to subscribers or customers. Now, you must keep them coming back. Doing this will turn your subscribers and customers into fans who will tell others about you. And it’s this kind of passive advertising that will help increase your number of visitors, who can also be converted into subscribers and buyers.

The very nature of video – that it helps build trust immediately because people can see and hear you – is what makes it such a great way to transform your visitor into an evangelist.

The Basics of Video Trust-Building

If you want to ease your readers into a relationship with you, give away something for free. Maybe they need help doing something. If that’s the case, a how-to video can do the trick. Embed it into an already-existing post, and you have rich content. You’ll also help visitors get accustomed to video being on your blog.

For those who have already subscribed, little else is as elusive as a subscriber-only offering. Those who think they are getting something that others aren’t will have an even higher perceived value of your blog.

And don’t be afraid to go beyond your blog page when adding video. You can use it everywhere on your site, whether it’s to apologise for a 404, expand on your about page, or to help them get in touch on your contact page.

Launch a Logo

It’s important to brand your videos as well as put them on your blog. With that in mind, be sure to include your blog or company logo at the beginning and end of your video. A logo that’s also part of a video intro can serve double duty; it grabs the attention of the visitor, and keeps them engaged as to what the rest of your video will say.

A good idea is also to always use the proper tools to illustrate what your video is trying to achieve. For example, if you are presenting a video about CSS tips, it can help to have a screen capture program to show your how-to steps in real time.

Once you’ve become familiar with one video type, you will be more comfortable with exploring other types, and less nervous about putting yourself out there.