How to Write Like a Journalist: Five Easy Tricks

You may love to write content for your blog. In fact, you may like it so much that it’s all you want to do. Unfortunately, you are not the only passionate blogger in the world. And if you want your blog to stand out among thousands of others, you need to know how to get attention like the pros do.

Even if you’ve never been interested in being a journalist or reporter, learning how to think like they do can go a long way to getting your blog the attention it deserves.

1) A Mind like a Reporter

Reporters know that if a story doesn’t have impact, it is a failed attempt. And so their focus always has to be on reporting on subjects that their audience wants to know

Reporters use several techniques to find the information they seek, and so can you. Your posts can have the same quality as the magazines you see at the checkout line.

2) What the Others Don’t Have

One way to beat your blogging competition is to dig up information that no one else is blogging about. Moreover, while it may seem next to impossible, getting the scoop is possible if you know where to find it.

Consider conducting interviews about a particular topic with people you find interesting. Alternatively, consider writing about a topic from a behind-the-scenes perspective. When looking for information, be creative; if your interviewees are popular individuals, there’s probably lots of dirt to be found. And dirt always gets attention.

3) Become a Collector

Becoming a collector, at least in this article doesn’t mean gathering stamps or decorative spoons. Instead, collect trends. This will help you to avoid becoming one of those bloggers who is scrambling for content before the next day – and its post requirements – dawns.

While each item of information may not be enough to write a story about on its own, you may be able to find a common thread through several that you can use. You can get the latest information by setting up news alerts, following popular culture and reading magazines.

4) Get Specific

Generalisations can get boring after awhile. However, when you confirm every fact and then cite your sources, your story can become much more interesting. Not only that, but it will build credibility with your readers and make you look like an expert.

Every topic has some sort of relevant research attached to it. And you can find that research by consulting places like trade publications, government agencies, and market research firms.

5) Come Full Circle

Finally, it is important to keep that stream of information going so that you have plenty of information for future blog posts. To do this, all you need is to identify a topic you blogged about that got a strong response, and remind yourself to go back to that topic at a later date. When the later date arrives, you simply write about what’s happened since you last blogged about the topic.

When you think like a reporter, your readers will too. Next step: blog success!