How to Market Your Product to the Millennials Generation

In this day and age, the value of effective and efficient marketing strategies is proving to be of paramount importance to the success of any and all businesses. Being a step behind in the marketing game in the twenty-first century could prove to be detrimental to your business, and by proxy, have a directly negative impact on you, personally. The Millennials demographic, 18 to 34 years of age, (also known as Generation C due to their impact on consumer culture) have proven themselves to be the heartbeat of this age of economic advancement, information driven consumerism and technological progress.

With tablets for toddlers and iPads for preschoolers the world is geared for the revolution of one-on-one (B2C) personalisation and personal relationship building with consumers. The Millennial Generation is one that differs vastly from those that came before them. The advent of the internet and resultant business practices that followed have re-invented the marketing landscape and the way that companies do business in general.

Using what we have already learnt

Information that has been gathered thus far has given companies a glimpse of what this unique consumer generation is demanding of today’s business practices. The $500 million in internet revenue generated in 2014 by the Millennial Generation is proof enough that this is the target demographic for those seeking financial success. Accessibility to social media has proven to be one of the greatest marketing tools available today. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media sites have been the corner stone of getting the marketing messages heard. Usage of these social media applications, although proving to be of vital importance, is only the visible end result of the companies established business practices and principles.

The Millennial Generation is seeking something that has not been offered by companies of past. Transparency of fair business practices that are in-line with consumer morals and values, and those morals shared within the community they choose to associate with. This is greatly important to the Millennial Generation as their trust is the biggest hurdle to their consumer decision-making process. Previous Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, made this evident through his role as Apple’s figurehead, earning the trust of Generation C consumers through him personally launching each of Apple’s new products.

The value placed on unhindered mobility and the desire for close, interpersonal relationships by the Millennial Generation provides an indication to companies of their consumers’ most valued needs.

Effectively Offering These Changes

This generation of educated consumers provides companies with the opportunity to detail specifics around their offerings. Transparency into a company’s ethics, policies and culture is a gateway through which to entice Generation C consumers to show their interest in your company. Seamless website navigation is a must as consumers are searching for information quickly and with minimal effort.         This is aided through expertly designed websites that use the latest software that web design construction has to offer.

Web content specifically tailored for your business’s target market will help create positive feedback from search engines results through Content Related Optimisation (CRO).  Patience is another quality that is to be considered heavily when targeting the Millennial Generation. Trust needs to be built so that lasting, long-term relationships may be built, and prove beneficial to all.