How To Insert Deep Links Into Your Website

It is highly likely to come across vital information that merits sharing in the market place while reading through a website. It may be a marketing strategy that a marketer finds worth sharing with his fellow marketers or a business plan that is of interest to a businessman and he would like to come back and view it later or perhaps share it with the partners. While surfing through the whole webpage may be long, tedious and boring, there are new and easy ways that can be used to highlight specific parts that are of interest to the reader. This method of highlighting makes it easier for the reader to share the information through links and mitigate the risk of the receiver of the link not reading parts of the information that they feel is important.  This is called inserting deep links.

Apps that can be used to insert deep links have been developed recently and they are highly suitable for the marketplace. By inserting deep links to a website, you can channel the consumer’s focus to the most relevant parts of the page. These apps function as highlighters do, by highlighting paragraphs or sentences that are of importance to your business or target market. Genius and TLDRify are the web apps that will annotate these web pages and insert deep links in highlighted text. When customers or business people click the shared link, they can see the original page but with the annotated text.

How to annotate and deep link using Genius

Genius is not only a music lyrics website, but also a web annotator that helps you add context and commentary on a business webpage.  With genius, you do not have to install bookmarklets or browser extensions for the annotator. These are the steps to follow when using Genius:

  • Go to the browser’s address bar and add before the page URL
  • Sign in with your Twitter, Facebook or Google account and add annotations to the current page by highlighting the sentence on the page and clicking the genius button that appears for you to add your business or marketing commentary. Genius then provides you with a unique hyperlink that directly opens the page with highlighted annotation.

How to annotate and deep link using TLDRify

The difference between this app and Genius is that TLDRify will need a bookmarklet and a browser extension but there is no signing in to social media accounts to annotate the web pages. Also, Genius shows annotations left by other users while TLDRify shows only the user’s annotations. Follow these steps when using TLDRify:

  • Go to the web page and select any sentences or a paragraph.
  • Click the TLDRify bookmarklet and it will create a deep link to the highlighted text

When clients click the links, the browser automatically scrolls to annotated text.

The good thing with annotating services is that they create exact copies of the web pages on their own servers as back up such that even if the original page is taken down or is changed, your old citations will still be in use.