How The Lack of a Quality Online Presence can Damage Your Business

Over recent years, more and more businesses have become aware of the need to ensure that they have an online presence and those that fail to do this effectively can find that their business is damaged in a number of ways. There are many difference considerations that you have to think about when it comes to a quality online presence, as it is not just enough to stick to one channel these days. Nor is it enough to simply have a presence without also ensuring quality for your potential visitors and customers. The credibility of a business can be severely damaged or destroyed if the right steps are not taken, so this is something that you have to give a lot of thought to if you want to enjoy success.

Some businesses tend to forget about the importance of an online presence and therefore end up neglecting that side of things. However, you have to remember that not only is this the ideal way of marketing your business and raising awareness of products or services but it is something that most customers will expect now that we live in a digital age where so many people rely on the internet for so many different purposes.

Things that could damage the credibility of your business

There are various factors that could damage the credibility of your business when it comes to your online presence. Making sure that you are aware of these will help to ensure that you take the right steps to boost the success of your business and minimise damage to your reputation. Some of the things that could have a negative effect on your business include:

  • Failure to have a high-quality website: Some business owners or managers may believe that simply having a website online is enough to help boost their success but this is not the case. In fact, having a poorly designed, low-quality website is probably worse than having no website at all, as this can have a really damaging effect on your credibility, reputation and sales. You need to make sure that your website is professionally designed, is filled with useful and high-quality content, and that it is designed to be easy for the website visitor to navigate. You should make sure that you get your website professionally designed if you do not have the knowledge and skills to do this in-house, as this is an investment that will pay off big time in the future. In addition, you should make sure that the content on the site is professionally written, accurate and reader-friendly. Again, you can get professionals that can sort this out for you if you do not have the confidence to do it yourself.
  • Having a blog that is never updated: Most businesses are aware that having a blog is a great way to engage with customers as well as raise awareness of products and services. However, your readers will just be annoyed if you have a blog and haven’t posted on it for months or even longer. Neglecting your blog can also have a damaging effect on your business credibility, as can having a low-quality blog. Make sure that all blog posts are well written, informative and of high quality. In addition, make sure that you regularly update your blog so that you can keep your audience engaged.
  • Not have a social media presence: Over the last few years, social media platforms have become increasingly important tools for businesses. However, some companies have been slow on the uptake when it comes to making use of social media sites and this has had a negative effect on their success. You need to ensure that you use social media platforms effectively and use them as a way to engage with your audience, answer any questions, post information and more. With more and more people now using social media, this is something that businesses must get involved with in order to increase credibility as well as enhance their presence.
  • A site that is slow: Most internet users get extremely frustrated with slow loading pages and this is one of a number of things that will encourage them to click the close button when on your website. They are also unlikely to go to your website again, which means that effectively you have lost potential customers as well as credibility. Make sure you make use of the speed test tools available from Google as well as the suggestions that are available with regards to how you can increase your website loading speed. This can make a huge difference when it comes to retaining visitors that click onto your site.
  • Mobile site access: A lot of businesses have been slow to adapt their websites to make them viewable on mobile devices, but with so many people now using smartphones and tablets this is something that any business needs to strongly consider doing. In fact, the latest changes from Google have stipulated that responsive websites will be treated more favourably in search engine rankings compared to those that are non-responsive. This is another reason adapting your site for mobile devices has become so important for businesses.

Increasing your credibility and reputation

By making sure that you take steps to increase your online presence and provide a quality experience to your potential audience, you can make a big difference to the reputation, credibility and overall success of your business. Not only will you enhance the reputation of your business and help to increase awareness but with steps such as a high-quality, responsive website, you can also enjoy being in the good books of search engines such as Google.