How Much Should A Web Advertising Agency Cost?

One question many business owners struggle to answer is how much they should pay for the services of a web advertising agency. However, this is not the question to ask first. In order to get a good idea of how much web advertising agencies should cost, you need to look at their credentials.

Understanding the value of an agency

Many companies will spend their budgets on other aspects of their businesses and place their advertising on the back burner. However, it’s this advertising that is key to building a sound reputation and will continue to bring business to your door.

Two kinds of cost

An agency may offer their services at high prices, but how experienced are they? Yes, it can be expensive to hire an agency, especially if you go for a ‘glass office’ option. Should the agency not be experienced, however, the price could be very high in terms of low ROI. Not choosing a professional can pose a great risk to your business reputation, costing your budget far more than you intended it to due to having to fix the mistakes that were made.

So before you enquire about prices, ask yourself about the potential benefit to you of working with a professional agency, and use this to benchmark realistic expectations for what you should pay.

Know what you need

It’s also vital to understand that there are several kinds of advertising agency out there. Knowing which one you need will save you lots of time in searching.

When you need consultancy

The value of the agency you choose will be directly related to their certification and experience. If you want a clear idea of where your marketing can take you, a consultancy-based marketing agency having professionals with several years’ worth of experience and a marketing diploma is a good place to start.

When you need content

Content is still king, and is what continuously attract clients to you. Someone who composes everything from blogs to videos will need to have at least three years’ demonstrable experience and a portfolio, or at least be willing and able to provide samples of their work.

When you want to take action

If you’re looking for someone to formulate an action plan and manage your advertising projects, you’ll need someone with five or more years of experience. Marketing qualifications and accreditations are also a marker of trust when selecting a company based on expertise.

These agencies should be able to prove their ability to turn your strategies into plans, and have experience in several disciplines such as print, web development and direct mail. They should also understand and be able to communicate the key metrics of your campaigns, as well as be able to report on their success.

When you need someone to manage your social media

Social media marketing specialists will take care of all aspects of your social media presence, including the way your pages look and what is posted. They will be the ‘face’ of your brand, the ones who interact with your clients or fans in your company’s voice.

Choosing quality and experience

Investing in quality services from any or all of the above professionals can ensure that your web advertising is done properly and provides you with a favourable return on investment.