How Logos Make or Break a Business

If you’re starting a new business, then you know just how important it is to appear professional and experienced to your potential customers. Nobody wants to work with a company that doesn’t project a creative, professional image! In order to make a great first impression with your website, business cards and adverts, leave the clip art logos and free fonts alone. By investing in the services of a local logo design wizard in Glasgow, you can ensure that your company brand and image is the very best that it can be, attracting the right type of customers and bringing success to your door.

What makes a good logo?

Think about popular brands today and their logos – what is it that makes a logo stand out? An eye-catching logo is used to promote your company; whether that’s in adverts, on flyers, or simply on your company letterhead and business cards. Research shows that people are more likely to remember your company if you have a eye-catching logo. Iconic logos have a few things in common:

  • Relevant to the company/industry
  • Memorable
  • Describable
  • Scalable – can be reduced in size for different media
  • Effective both in colour and black and white

It’s important that your logo is scalable – you might want to create bespoke company pens, badges or other accessories, so if your logo only looks good on a larger scale, what use will it be? As any professional logo Design Company in Glasgow will tell you, your logo has to be relevant to your company or industry – you can’t just pick something random! Because your logo should be memorable, it should also be describable; if someone wants to tell a friend about your business, they should be able to explain what your logo is like – this is the reason that simple, clear designs are the most effective.

Why you need a bespoke logo

Creating a logo which represents your company is vital for the success of your business, whether you’re running a recruitment agency in the city centre or a DIY merchants in Paisley. Most people will form a first impression within minutes of meeting someone, and for those looking for a business service or product, first impressions are formed just as quickly – if your business doesn’t appear professional, potential customers will look elsewhere.

The right logo helps you to stand out from competitors, attract new customers and build trust – if your business appears professional, customers will flock to you. Imagine you’re running a marketing campaign for an event or special promotion and you’re creating flyers to be handed out in the city centre. Think back to flyers you have received in the past – the ones which caught your eye were usually the ones with unique designs and interesting logos. A personalised flyer with your company logo not only gains the interest of the customer, but it increases the chance of them taking further action, such as visiting your website, coming to your retail premises or contacting you.

Logos really can make or break a business – there’s no point in trying to design your own, as once you’ve printed business cards, letterheads and other stationery, you’re stuck with a logo that might not represent your business in the best light. By using a professional logo design firm in Glasgow, you can rest safe in the knowledge that the very best logo for your business will be created, and you can proudly display it wherever you like.