Free Content Marketing Resources

Finding the right kinds of free marketing tools can be far more difficult than it seems. Indeed, there is a wealth of resources available.  All too often, businesses will turn to resources that promise quick results. Marketing success does not occur overnight, however. Some tools which promise quick results may only work in the short term.

What is Content Marketing, anyway?

Content marketing is a means getting customers to know and like your brand and ultimately, trust what you are telling. Successful content marketing is a combination of quality copywriting and effective media like video and blogs.

Why should you do it?

Content marketing is important, especially since Google algorithms have changed. These days, it takes more work than ever to get you on the first page of search engine results, because people are looking for compelling and original copy that they can apply to their own lives and businesses.

Another reason to get involved with content marketing is that it can present you as the expert in your field. When you are a go-to resource, your business becomes better known, period. Content that inspires readers and viewers to engage with your brand is incredibly valuable.

Resources you can use at no cost

From Evernote to Google and Grammarly to Zerys, there are a range of content marketing resources available for every business.


Evernote is a writing and editing wonder that can handle everything from the smallest reminder to the longest article. It can sync with all of your devices, and saves everything you create automatically so that you never have to worry about long your work.


Google has a wealth of tools you can use to begin and improve your content marketing. Its Webmaster Academy provides you with professional advice, tips and tools for creating your own website, where more advanced web marketers can take advantage of features like click analysis and testing to ensure your content is understood by the search engine.


If your in-house grammar checking system isn’t doing its job, it may be time to look elsewhere. Enter Grammarly, a free editing tool that will allow you to be sure your document is ready before it’s published for all to see. It will even suggest synonyms and check your work for plagiarism.


This virtual marketplace and others like it can be your saving grace if writing is not your forte. You are in the driver’s seat as you audition the best writers for your project from their submitted samples. Yes, you will pay when the work is done, but only if you are satisfied. If you want to go free only, you can check out their keyword research and strategy planning tools at no cost.

Trying to get your content marketing right can sometimes feel like you are pushing a large rock up a hill. But when you find the right tools, creating content will be easier, and may even become a fun part of running your successful business.