Four Ways to Make Your Testimonial Videos More Believable

Social proof is a valuable asset for businesses trying to earn new customers. When existing customers take the time to submit a positive review or provide feedback, it provides potential leads with evidence that your business is reputable. Written reviews are still relevant, but more and more, video testimonials are given additional credibility.

Of course, the amount of credibility your business will receive is going to depend on the quality of the video. If the person providing the testimony appears nervous or uncomfortable, or if the video sounds scripted, you’ll be doing your business more harm than good. Here are four quick tips to help you create a quality video testimonial that is believable.

1) Keep it Simple and Focus on Benefits

Don’t burden the viewers by offering up every feature or service benefit. They can only take in so much information in such a short period and will likely tune out if they feel overwhelmed or confused.

Your product or service probably has myriad features you’d like to highlight in your testimonial videos. However, it’s not the features the viewers are interested in learning about. They want to know how your product or service can benefit them. So, focus on how the features can positively impact their lives instead of what it is they do. Since time is an issue, consider focusing on only the top three user benefits.

2) Explain the Process

The person who is providing the testimonial likely won’t have much experience in front of the camera. So, to settle his nerves, explain every step of the process, including who will be there and what they will be doing. Also, discuss how you envision the video to look post-production and make suggestions about wardrobe.

3) Go Natural

In order to cut out the possibility that the video will sound scripted, just don’t write one. Discuss guidelines ahead of time, and offer ideas about what you’ll be discussing. Don’t forget to focus on the benefits that you’ve decided to highlight. Preparing the customer ahead of time will help him feel more comfortable on the day of the shoot, and not writing a script will allow the video to feel more natural to the viewer.

4) Watch the Clock

Once the video has been shot, it’s time to edit it. Let’s be honest though. All of the information you want to include in the video isn’t going to fit, which is why it’s so important to keep the list of benefits to three. It’s also another reason why it makes a huge difference when you prepare the customer thoroughly ahead of time. The conversation needs to be casual, but concise, because you’ll have to trim the video down to under three minutes. In fact, 45 to 60 seconds is ideal.

Preparing, recording, producing and posting a testimonial video doesn’t have to be a daunting challenge. By following these tips, your video will be more natural; benefit focused, and well produced. The better the video, the more social proof ‘points’ you will get and the more reputable your business will appear to your potential leads.