Four Places you should be Driving Visitors (Other than your Home Page)

You may be getting people to visit your site daily by using common tactics like pay-per-click or email campaigns. However, did you know that the majority of traffic you receive may be headed right for your homepage? While this may seem like a good thing, the truth is that your home page is likely a dead end and not the best place to direct your visitor to.

But where should you be directing them to? There are actually 4 different places that, when your visitor lands there can do far more for getting them where you want them to go than your home page.

A Product Page

Regardless of where you visitor is coming to your site from, showing them what they may be looking for by directing them to a product page will help your company increase revenue. Providing visitors with a direct line to what they’re looking for will also help them feel like you can give them what they need, eliminating their desire to go anywhere else.

A Landing Page

Laser targeting means you need a page that’s just as targeted. Specific audience subsections need a landing page or microsite tailored to them. Usually, a pay-per-click campaign will benefit most from this strategy. Once the link in a campaign is clicked, the customer is taken to a page that’s directly related to what they are searching for.  This kind of intuitive marketing will make your visitor feel they are important to your company, forming a solid foundation for a relationship.

A Tutorial

The internet is full of video tutorials that teach visitors how to accomplish just about everything under the sun. And there’s no reason for your business not to have one too. Not only can a tutorial greatly enhance your promotional campaigns, but it can also help teach your customers about something. This can persuade them to buy your product through convincing them that you are the expert in your field.

You can choose to film an instructional video that solves a common issue, or you can opt for a video that explains why your viewer should buy what you are selling. Either way, it’s a convenient method of giving visitors the information they need, quickly and easily.

A Blog Post

Blogs are all the rage these days. And blog posts can be a great way to get your business in front of many interested eyes. But how you link your blog to your email campaign is crucial. It’s important to ensure that any links included in your email campaign lead directly to a blog post devoted to the topic covered in the email. This is an effective way to help customers connect the information contained in the email to more information on the targeted blog post.

Using one or more of the above tactics to get visitors to particular destinations will help them to feel less confused about where to go for the products or information they need.