Five Web Design Trends in 2016

While everywhere we looked over the past few weeks we saw “Best of 2015” lists for every subject under the sun, we’d like to give you a sneak peek at the web design trends already happening in 2016. Here are five of the many things to look forward to in the New Year & things you may want to consider when keeping your own site in step with the current trends…

1) Full Screen Background Images

Let’s face it; people love “big”. Big TV’s, big theatre screens, big speakers with surround sound; it seems that when it comes to media, we can’t get enough. Full screen background images, including video on your home page definitely makes an impact when done right. Add ghost buttons to your image or video and you’ve got a truly unique website that’s sure to stand out.

2) Hover Animation

Anything that’s the slightest bit interactive on your site will only aid in immersing the viewer in your online experience. Hover animation can add interest and draw attention to your call to action areas. While many sites may already be using this feature, look for it to become the norm and less of an exception.

3) Grid System

When we think of a grid system, we can’t help but conjure up the layout of Pinterest, one of the grid system innovators. Grids make effective use of eye-catching colours and images to link text.  This can make for a beautiful, chic & sleek layout, lending an artistic flair when done well. On the plus side, grid systems don’t use an abundance of space and they’re instantly coherent. Just keep in mind that while pleasing to the eye when done right, this layout may not be for everyone so always keep the user experience at the forefront of your designing mind.

4) Animated Image Galleries

Gone are the days of the seemingly flat, static image galleries as we say hello to animated carouseling images. Having a steady stream of clips in front of the viewer not only feels more interactive, but it exposes them to more of what you have to offer rather than clicking through a gallery as we did in the old days. Animated image galleries conjure up memories of being at Epcot and seeing what Tomorrow Land had in store, and who didn’t love that?

5) Vertical Scrolling

There is a current increased emphasis on vertical scrolling that lends itself to a storytelling method that is more interactive, reminding us of how it feels to flip through the pages of a traditional magazine. There’s something comforting about the familiarity of this design format and the trend is moving toward more comprehensive, content-rich pages now that we’re in the habit of scrolling versus the old-school clicking from page to page.

In Conclusion

These “Hot for 2016” ideas are just the beginning; with a little imagination and ingenuity, who knows, you, yourself may be a trendsetter in the world of web design as we delve into the New Year!