Five Ways to Spot Dodgy SEO Providers (And how to Avoid Them!)

The SEO Company you choose to partner with will be critical to the visibility of your business. Just like with any other purchase, it’s important to carry out research with due diligence before you choose one. There are several ways to spot a potentially dodgy provider, and knowing the answer to the five questions below can mean the difference between the success and failure of your efforts.

Do they Claim to have insider knowledge from Google?

The Google search algorithm is pretty secret business, and for good reason: if all of the details were published for all to see, mass manipulation of search results would occur. The reality is that Google only reveals what it deems to be need-to-know information; no more, and no less. Therefore, an SEO company which claims to have special connections with Google that will get you higher rankings is a company that is best avoided.

How is their own Google Ranking?

Any company worth its salt will not only tell you they can get you high rankings, but will have also proven it by doing it for their own site. After all, without personal experience, how can any SEO company possibly be able to provide you with the results you desire? Before doing anything further, do a search for the company’s name to check their legitimacy. Then, search using the company’s name with your location beside it. If the result is anywhere but the first page, this company is likely to have a hard time getting their clients a high ranking.

Are they willing to Share?

The mark of a reliable SEO company is a willingness to keep you in the loop. They will update you on their progress and reports, as well as all technical details on a regular basis. Data is another thing a reliable company will share, typically that which comes from competitors and keywords. This allows for collaboration and teamwork to occur. If the company you’re considering seems unwilling to share or discourages sharing outright, it’s time to look elsewhere.

Will they tell you where your money is Going?

This is yet another mark of a quality SEO company. Just as they should share all of their victories and challenges with you, so too should they be able to tell you exactly where your money is being spent. Just as with keeping you in the loop about data and reporting, your SEO Company should not refuse your request to know what they are spending money on.

Will they get you to #1 Overnight?

Due to the constant fluctuation and changing of rankings according to location, a high-ranking can never be guaranteed. And still, there are several companies out there which will claim to get you that coveted #1 spot not only right away, but for all time. High rankings happen over time, not overnight.

Knowing the answers to the above questions will communicate much about what any SEO company can actually accomplish for you.