Five Ways Content Marketing Can Help Your Business

Much more than a marketing buzz phrase, the term content marketing is a proven method of reeling in and retaining a defined target audience. Since an essential purpose of content marketing is to bring in consumers, and not push products and services, there is no direct sales pitch involved. Instead, the strategy is to attract leads by providing people with useful information. The more relevant and valuable the content, the more likely prospective buyers will keep coming back for more. Here are five ways that you can use content marketing to help promote and grow your business.

Fill in the Blanks

It is impossible for you to be an expert on every facet of your industry, so add content that fills in the blanks. Videotaped or written interviews with industry authorities, and blog posts that link to articles on influential industry sites and discuss the latest industry news are useful ways to present yourself as an industry ‘go to’ source.

Show What You Know

When it comes to areas where you are an expert, a more hands on approach may be in order. Promote yourself and your business as industry authorities by offering your subscribers how to video guides. Post them on your website and YouTube channel, and add links to them on your social media accounts. Your subscribers will view them and share them with their followers. Remember, the more valuable the content, the more likely it is to be shared.

Invite Guests

Guest bloggers from your industry would love the opportunity to write for your site and/or share their content. That allows them an opportunity to access a wider audience and further promote themselves, and it benefits you by showing your subscribers that you’re an industry insider who has the connections to bring in fresh useful content from outside sources.

Infographics and Images

Hard to explain concepts can be more easily clarified through the use of images, as visuals can be easier to understand and more engaging. Additionally, diagrams, infographics, charts, and other forms of imagery are entertaining, amusing, and more shareable through social media sites than other forms of content.

Link to Existing Content

In order to get the most mileage out of your existing content and to ensure its longevity, connect new content to old content when it makes sense. For example, if you’re creating a new how to video guide, remember to refer viewers to your existing how to guides when writing the script. When writing a new blog piece, include hyperlinks to related blog pieces that you’ve already posted. Be cautious though, as you must always make sure that the links you’re providing are still valid and the information contained within the older material is still current.

The goal of content marketing is to present yourself and your business as trusted industry experts, increase your ranking in searches and, of course, draw in the consumer. So, regardless of the type of content marketing you use, make sure that it‘s of the highest quality and represents you in the best possible light.