Five Reasons why you need a Graphic Designer

From city centre start-ups to larger companies undergoing re-branding, most businesses will need the services of a graphic design company in Glasgow at one point or another. Here are five reasons why your business needs a graphic designer:

#1. You’re creating a unique brand

If you run a recruitment agency in Orkney, you might not have much competition – chances are, if you’re running the same business in Glasgow city centre, you’re competing with hundreds of other companies for a share of the market. You need your brand to stand out above all the others, and graphic designers can help with this!  You need to create a brand and a unique visual identity which will represent your business on your website, in advertising and for printed media such as business cards, flyers, letterheads and so forth. Whilst it’s probably true that you can use software to create simple logos and designs for your business, nobody wants to look unprofessional, so hire a local graphic design company in Glasgow to get the job done properly!

#2. You’re not an ideas person

Who could blame you; you’re so busy running your business that you simply don’t have time to come up with creative ideas for branding and marketing your company. This is where graphic designers come in – they’re a creative lot and design is what they do best! The chances are, by hiring an expert, you’ll end up with a far more professional, polished bespoke design; and this means more potential customers.

#3. You want to be proud of your business

Your business is your baby, whether you run a tiny locksmith company or a large law firm in the city centre – you want to be proud of everything your business achieves. There’s nothing more embarrassing than ugly brochures or poorly designed business cards; they simply make your company look unprofessional. By hiring a graphic design company, you’re paying for an expert service that will create a unique visual identity for your business – so you can hand out your business cards with pride at that next convention!

#4. You need consistency

For a polished, professional image, your company’s visual identity should be consistent. What does this mean? Using the same logo, colour scheme and fonts across all your printed media and your website is key to create a consistent, put together look. Potential customers and clients might not instantly notice if your website uses ‘Arial’ and your business cards ‘Times New Roman’, but subconsciously they will pick up on this fact and it could be detrimental to your success. Not to mention it just looks nicer when everything is consistent and matching!

#5. You’re too busy

Perhaps the number one reason for hiring a graphic designer is that you’re too busy to design logos and branding yourself. If you’re a small company, the chances are you do everything, from hiring and firing to office management and even making the coffee – the last thing you need is to spend hours worrying about whether the visual identity you’ve created for your company looks professional enough. Hire the experts, sit back and watch them work their magic!

These are just some of the reasons why your business needs a graphic designer on board – with their wealth of design skills, creativity and experience, they will blow you away with their ideas for your company’s visual identity!