Five Handy Marketing Tips from the Motor Industry

Although the internet had been available to the masses since 1996, it wouldn’t be until 12 years later that it would be used as an online marketing tool. 2008 saw the economic recession hitting hard. Automakers found themselves doing whatever they could to adjust financially. This included making what was considered to be bold move at the time; to market online.

Today, automakers are known as the pioneers of online advertising, as well as innovators in the successful communication of their marketing message to all corners of the digital landscape. And their experience has taught many businesses since some very important marketing tips that remain effective today.

1) Convenience is King

The internet is literally packed with information of all kinds. However, the auto industry has mastered the manipulation of this information by targeting consumer inquiries and providing solutions to those inquiries. For example, if a person is trying to find answers about the steps to take following a car accident, they will likely see targeted ads on the search page which provide an answer, as well as suggesting options for vehicle replacement.

When everything the customer needs is on that first page of search results, there is no reason for them to go elsewhere for the answers they seek.

2) Web Traffic Data

The auto industry has successfully combined informational connectivity with web analytics to provide content that’s both contextually relevant and driven by data. The auto industry clearly understands their audience. They make their marketing assumptions based on data from web traffic. A person who is searching for car insurance rates is likely also looking for a vehicle, whether that is because they’ve had an accident or are just looking for something more current. Therefore, ads from car manufacturers are often grouped with insurance site ads.

3) Multiple Platforms

Where it comes to marketing across multiple platforms, the auto industry has made great strides. Today’s auto industry is using many different ways to reach their audiences, but it is also doing so far more efficiently than it used to. Each platform reaches audiences in a unique way, and the industry has tailored its advertising accordingly.

4) Social Media

Social media is another platform that the car industry have mastered. The consistent branding of the auto industry has made it incredibly easy for them to replicate their brand on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and the like.

5) Five-Second Engagement

Today’s consumer is not interested in waiting around for a response to their queries or to find what they are searching for. And the auto industry realised this a long time ago. They have been able to make marketing adjustments so that their ads engage customers in 5 seconds or more, causing higher click-through rates and full video views.

Marketing isn’t an easy task for many businesses. But one can certainly garner plenty of inspiration from auto makers, who were among the hardest hit post-recession. This industry persevered and innovated until they were able to rebuild, and their steps can work for any business.