Our digital service focuses on the execution and maintenance of your brand across all of your digital platforms. Once a marketing afterthought, these days digital makes the world go round and harnessing its potential is vital to any aspiring business. Rair has been immersed in the digital domain for years and we’ve brought eye-catching definition to every digital presence we’ve worked on.

Web Design

We design well-crafted websites with functionality and effortless user experience in mind.

Content Management Systems

We have been working with content management systems since their inception, so our expertise in this field is extensive. We work with many off-the-shelf platforms including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla! and more.

E-commerce Websites

Whether you run a niche e-business or need an e-commerce presence to support an offline service; either way, Rair uses technology that improves both your customers’ experience and your conversion rates.

Web Development

We understand that every business is unique. It’s why we identify each client’s individual needs during an extensive scoping stage, as part of the development process, before presenting solutions that are tailored to their requirements.

App Design & Development

Our team loves putting brands straight into users’ hands. We produce bespoke apps that are compatible with all manner of mobile devices, delivering great experiences for audiences and a range of benefits for you.

Digital Channel Set-up

A website used to be the only digital channel that represented an organisation’s brand. These days however, your online presence shouldn’t stop there.