How to Create the Perfect E-Newsletter

Although e- newsletters are one of the most common forms of marketing email, they also present a unique challenge. In order to be successful, an e-newsletter must contain content that is valuable, as well as be easy to navigate. So how do you ensure that you are sending out an e-newsletter that will be read and appreciated by your readers?

Leverage your Reach

Where it comes to reach, email is still the leader. Most readers will opt to receive company updates via e-newsletter as opposed to a blog or social media site. That being said, you can save a lot of time in updating your readers in several different locations by engaging in web cropping. This allows live updates on your website to be automatically placed into your e-newsletter, even if it’s already been delivered. The benefits of web cropping are numerous. Not only does it save you loads of time by eliminating the need to enter information repeatedly, but it also allows your readers to benefit from real-time updates.

Relevancy via Location

When your readers are targeted by location, they will feel as though they are being spoken to personally, which increases trust and loyalty. One of the most efficient ways to achieve this is via geotargeting. To do this effectively, you will need to consider not only where your readers live, but where they may be while reading your e-newsletter. Geotargeting can provide them with information regarding local events, sales and other items of interest. To get customers to share their location more readily, tempting incentives like points or discounts can help.

Keep it Short

Time is a luxury for many of us these days. Would you have the time to read a multiple-page e-newsletter? If not, then your readers are not like to have the time. Your e-newsletter should provide readers with what they need in terms of information without forcing them to scroll endlessly to find it. Try to resist the temptation to include too many articles in each edition; rather, you can include the summaries of several articles and give readers the choice of what they click on. This will also provide your e-newsletter with a more streamlined appearance.

Send on a Regular Basis

Your readers will come to learn when you send out your e-newsletter. But this will only occur if you are consistent. With e-newsletters, it’s important to ensure that you email your readers on a regular basis. Otherwise, they may forget about you. For the best results, aim to send your e-newsletter once weekly to once monthly.

Before you send your e-newsletter to your subscribers, it’s a good idea to read it over and confirm that you are providing your readers with value. To provide value consistently, you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of time; tools like web cropping can do the tough work for you, freeing you up to concentrate on the other pressing aspects of your business, all the while building reader loyalty and increasing your subscriber base.