Is Your Content Taking Itself Too Seriously?

The point of creating any content is so that your visitors will not only read that content, but share it with others. The latter is the key to growing your audience. However, if you’ve noticed that your readers are giving you fewer ‘likes’ on social media than before, or have stopped commenting on your content, it may be time to freshen it up a bit by injecting some humour.

Content that’s too technical or too serious will only serve to bore your audience.  However, humour is a finicky thing; a joke some of your readers find very funny may fall flat for others. So how do you insert the right amount of humour and make it work for the majority of your readers?

Understand Yourself

The first task ahead of you when considering using humour in your content is to be able to laugh at yourself. This will help you to get comfortable with using humour. Next, it’s important to be yourself. Trying to be a famous comedian will only cause your readers to wonder whether or not you’re genuine. Finally, don’t try too hard to be funny; this will only create tension for you and your audience.

Understanding Your Audience

Knowing what your audience likes and dislikes in terms of humour is essential. Not knowing is much like shooting in the dark; you know your target is there, but you don’t know exactly where. Finding out what your audience likes is as easy as asking them. Alternatively, try a few test runs and produce some humorous content, and then gauge the results.

Feel Their Pain

All of the marketing gurus say the same thing; identifying the pain points of your audience in your content will help them to identify with you and your business. But when you choose an audience pain point and make fun of it, this can endear your audience to you, making them more likely to really listen to what you have to say.

Follow Through

Making your audience laugh has untold benefits, but it’s also important to make sure that after you’ve made them laugh, you carry that feeling throughout the rest of your content. So for example, you might make fun of their pain point in the first one or two paragraphs, and then keep the tone of your content light and conversational thereafter.

Try the Viral Trend

We all know that when something goes viral, millions of views can be the result. If you’ve found something that you couldn’t help sharing with your personal contacts on social media, consider whether it relates to your business or could be modified in some way to include your business. Then, share it with your readers.

The content you produce should be a nice mix of humour and seriousness. Sprinkling humorous content among your more serious pieces will help to keep your audiences engaged and ready to hear more from you.