How to Conquer Technophobia

Your business may employ all manner of technology. You may have a blog where you post interesting tidbits on a regular basis. Alternatively, you may have a page on a social media site that you use to keep customers updated on your company’s happenings. Moreover, while you may be adept at using technology to make your sites work for you, there could be one word that fills you with dread: upgrade.

Many platforms, such as WordPress, issue regular upgrades to their users. These upgrades are vital, as they help to close any openings that hackers can use to hijack your blog or other platform. However, many business owners ignore them, simply because they are afraid to do damage.

Being Afraid Can Harm More Than It Helps

Not only can avoiding upgrades leave your site open to hackers, it can also harm your potential visitors. Any open points of attack on your site can put the credit card numbers and other personal information of your visitors at risk. At the end of the day, this can result in lost revenue.

Although it’s natural to feel fear, it’s important to remember that all of your efforts in your business are an investment. Not upgrading or changing the look, feel or interface of your chosen channel can result in stagnation, something your customers will sense. And this could cause them to move on.

Conquering Technophobia

There are many ways to overcome technophobia. The most important of these is education. Going online and reading about the basics of technology, or looking up solutions to common technological issues can help to put things into perspective.

Play In the Sandbox

If you have an old computer you can use, this can act as a ‘sandbox’, a machine you can use to experiment with. You will quickly learn that virtually anything you do on a computer can be undone quickly.

This hands-on experience will also teach you another important lesson: that backing up your data is crucial. In fact, when you know that your information has been backed up, you are much less likely to be afraid of upgrading your blog software. Bye bye, technophobia.

Challenge Yourself

As you become comfortable with conquering a particular task, move onto another that’s more challenging. This will continue to help you to build your confidence.

Talk To a Techie

Talking to a technologically-savvy and patient friend can also go a long way to helping you overcome your fear of technology. They can relate their own beginner experiences, and perhaps even show you how they learned how to manipulate technology.

Talk To Non-Techies

You may also wish to learn the experiences of others suffering from technophobia. There are many websites online which bring technophobes together, allowing them to discuss their fears and triumphs in a non-judgmental environment.

With so many ways to address technophobia, there is no better time than right now to conquer your fears. Doing this will not only help you, but it will also help your customers.