Choose from a Range of Online Tools to Help Create Great Content

The tough competition faced by small and medium-sized businesses in all industries these days has made it more and more necessary to find the best marketing strategies to entice more visitors and to help boost business. Part of this is the creation of great content, which means content that will keep your audience engaged, will provide them with relevant and interesting information, and that will hopefully want to make them share the content that you have published. This could mean even more exposure for you and your business, which is exactly what you are aiming for as a growing company.

However, if you are starting out in business or do not have much experience of online marketing you may find this process a little daunting. Fortunately, there are various tools that can help you when it comes to creating eye-catching content that people are more likely to share on social network and amongst friends, family or colleagues. From idea generation tools through to image creation and writing tools, you will find everything you need to give you a helping hand no matter how much or how little experience you have when it comes to online marketing.

Some of the great tools you can use

These days there are more tools than ever to help those looking to create great content and improve their marketing strategies. These tools contribute to making the whole process far simpler and easier to understand, so you can really give your marketing campaigns a kick start. Some great options when it comes to the creation of great content include:

Tweak Your Biz Title Generator: One thing that many people struggle with is coming up with good ideas for their article and blog post titles. This is something that is much harder than it sounds, as you want a title that is both meaningful and catch in order to attract attention and create a buzz. With this tool, the whole process is made far easier, as you can generate new and catchy titles with ease. The Tweak Your Biz Title Generator is designed to help you to create titles that are dynamic and that are more likely to get your posts and blogs shared on social media platforms.

Buzz Sumo: When you publish content, you want to be as certain as possible that it is going to prove popular and is likely to receive a lot of attention. However, it can be difficult to know what sort of content is receiving a lot of attention at any given time. With this tool you can find out in next to no time, as all you have to do is type in a keyword and it will show you the related content that is trending and doing well in social networking circles. This will then give you a better idea of the direction you should take with your own content.

Readable: This excellent writing tool is ideal for those that want to ensure that the content they post is as readable and enjoyable as possible for readers. It is not always easy to see at a glance how readable your content will be for your audience. However, this tool will analyse the content and will quickly enable you to determine which areas of the article or post need improvement before you go ahead and publish it.

Copyscape: The one thing that you never want to do is purposely post duplicated content online, as this will not only get you in trouble with search engines but could also get you into hot water with the law. However, sometimes this can happen inadvertently but ignorance is never an excuse. With Copyscape you can check the originality of the content you have written before you post it so that you can rest easy in the knowledge that your article or post is completely unique.

Pikto Chart: Using graphics alongside your content can help to make it look more interesting and make it more engaging for your readers. Over recent years, infographics have become particularly popular as they offer both imagery and relevant information. This tool is perfect for helping you to create great infographics in a matter of minutes.

Photo Pin: Publishing reams of content with nothing to break it up can be frustrating for readers, as it can quickly become boring and isn’t easy on the eye. However, adding a few images can make all the difference and could be just the thing to get more attention for your content. Photo Pin enables you to benefit from access to a wide variety of photos, which can then just be added to your posts to liven them up and make them more eye-catching.

Alltop: Alltop is a valuable research tool that will provide you with access to the headlines from all of the latest stories. You will be able to view headlines from everywhere from blogs through to the most popular sites, which again enables you to benefit from a better idea of the type of content you should create in order to generate publicity.

Buffer: If you want to make it easy to publish your posts on a range of different social media sites, this content management tool can prove invaluable. It will enable you to instantly share your posts on a range of social networking sites without the time consuming and frustrating hassle of having to post on each one individually.

Tools that can make life easier

All of these are valuable tools that can make life easier when it comes to researching, writing, publishing, sharing and managing your content. When you are trying to run a business – particularly if you have limited resources – you need as much help as possible in order to market your business without letting other areas of the business slide. This is where these tools can help, as they can help to make life far easier for growing businesses.