The Benefits of Having a Business Blog

The internet is saturated with pointless blogs that seem to serve no other purpose than to waste people’s time. So, as a business owner, you might not automatically consider the idea of starting a business blog as being a potentially powerful marketing channel. However,a blog can be just that if the right use ismade of it. Unlike personal blogs, business blogs are not hobbies, so they are not filler for a website, but neither are they a primary way to make money. They do, however, serve a number of useful purposes that can help your business grow.

Increase Website Traffic

Maintaining a business blog helps keep web content fresh, and it lets search engines know that you have an active website. It is a cue to them that you continue to publish content  regularly and that they need to take a look at the content you publish more frequently when determining what to place in organic search results. Every new blog entry is one more chance for your website to show up in those results, and the more active your site is (and the more strategically you place relevant keywords), the more it will be noticed by Google and the other search engines. That increases your online visibility. 

Traffic Conversion

Business blogs can be used to turn all that website traffic into active leads. How? Just insert a call-to-action (CTA) into each blog entry. By offering something for free (an eBook, trial, webinar, etc.) in exchange for information, you generate leads. It is as simple as a visitor reading your business blog, seeing the CTA that contains a free offer, clicking on the offer, completing the form, and then receiving the free offer. You have now earned a new lead through your business blog.

Establish Trust in You as an Industry Authority

Put simply, when you consistently add blog content that is helpful and beneficial to your target audience, they will eventually begin to see you as the ‘go to’ authority. No one has time to read fluff content he or she can get everywhere else. Your followers want their questions answered, and they are drawn to value added content. The key word here is ‘consistency,’ so don’t run out of ideas. Instead, get them from your audience through monitoring feedback and comments.

The Importance of Feedback and Comments

A business blog is a great way to connect with your customer and client base when you ask site visitors questions at the end of your blog, or allow feedback and comments. When you follow through by responding to their feedback, visitors will begin to feel personally invested in your business. This helps create brand loyalty, but it is also an excellent way for you to get ideas for future blogs, and to find out what works and what doesn’t work for your customers, both on your site and with your products and services.

 A business blog can increase web traffic; help convert visitors to leads, establish you as an industry authority, and it is also an excellent way to connect with and hear from your client base. However, one of the coolest things about a business blog is that, once the views start racking up, the blog post begins ranking higher and higher in search results. So, the blog you write today can continue yielding results for you months down the road.