What are Autoresponder Emails and How Best to Use Them

An autoresponder is, essentially, an automatic e-newsletter. Sent to members of a mailing list at a frequency you control, autoresponders can be a very convenient means of saving time as well as automating your business’s more time-consuming tasks.

Because of the nature of the autoresponder message, it can seem difficult to know how to use one effectively. But there are several ways to use these super time-savers to your advantage and keep your readers interested at the same time.

A Personal Touch

If your subscribers provided their birthday information when they signed up to receive your messages, this presents a golden opportunity to reach them on a personal level. You can use an autoresponder to send them a message on their special day. You can even include a coupon with your email for a special birthday discount on the products or services you’re selling.

Enhance your Marketing Efforts

Autoresponders allow you to more suitably tailor your content to the preferences of your subscribers. When you’re able to do this, the process of nurturing leads and getting more sales is better supported.  And, when used with tracking reports, you can know which subscribers clicked on a certain link in your message, and then tailor a special autoresponder just for that group.

A Reminder

Autoresponders can also be very useful when sent as reminders to subscribers about upcoming expirations, such as a membership. You can set your autoresponder to send a message a specific period of time after they first paid for a subscription. This saves you from having to manually contact them each year or month when payments are due, which keeps payments consistent and saves you time.

Communication Cycles

You may have used an autoresponder to help a subscriber purchase your product or service. But you can also use it to shift that subscriber to a different level of communication. For example, now that a subscriber is a customer, you can use autoresponders to continue communicating to develop your relationship or to help them to upgrade to a different service level.

Relationship Building

The autoresponder can also be used to build those long-term relationships which lead to steady sales. You can use them to ask your subscribers about their thoughts on what you are selling. This will teach you much about their likes and dislikes. And, in demonstrating that you’ve listened to them, they will be far more inclined to trust you and return when they need more of your products or services.

Manual Communications Can Still Continue

The autoresponder is a terrific time-saver and relationship builder. But there are still some tasks which will benefit more from a manually-sent message, such as a seasonal promotion, an update about an award your company received or a change in the way you are doing something. However, when you need to ensure your subscribers get your messages anytime of the day or night, an autoresponder is a very powerful tool.