Not your typical design agency

Rair is unique. We bring together a team of freelance professionals in a creative collaboration that offers a full agency service without the agency price tag. We recognise no limits to what we can achieve for our clients and are able to take on jobs of any size.


Without a well-formed identity, your business will find consumer engagement and loyalty tough. Happily, we know what makes a brand brilliant and can help shape yours to fit every form you need perfectly, from traditional print to the latest digital platforms.


Our digital service focuses on the execution and maintenance of your brand across all of your digital platforms. Once a marketing afterthought, these days digital makes the world go round and harnessing its potential is vital to any aspiring business.


A solid strategy is crucial to successful marketing, especially in the online world where true visibility is so hard-fought. Our digital insights and professional approach allow us to navigate this ever-changing marketplace for you.

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